Our Products

Pastured Poultry

Our chickens consume a diet of fresh pasture and all the natural goodness that comes with it, bugs, sunlight and all.  Their diet is supplemented with locally sourced grain.  We produce a high quality poultry, clean and healthy.


What is pastured poultry?

The poultry is housed in floorless pens of approx. 10 X 12 X 2 ft. high and are moved (once or twice daily) around a green pasture. The birds have access to fresh air, grass and insects but are also protected from predators. The birds are kept outside utilizing a movable or stationary house for shelter so they have constant access to fresh-growing palatable vegetation.  Pastured Poultry farmers generally have "seasons" when they raise their poultry, depending on where they live in the US. Growers in the north do not raise birds in the winter months when the ground is covered with snow.


We believe this method of production is "beyond organic" and produces the happiest birds and the healthiest product for you and your family.



4.00/lb. averaging 3-5 lbs.


Free Range Stew Hens (not pastured) available for 3.00/lb.

Pastured Pork

Update for 2024: we no longer sell pastured pork. We will continue to have pastured poultry and grass fed beef for sale. 

Grass Fed Beef

Our beef is raised in the pasture where they consume grass and hay.  


We currently have ground beef, steaks, cutlets, sirloin tips, stew beef and meaty soup bones for sale.


Ground Beef: $6.50/lb.

Available in 1 lb. or 2 lb. packages, 85% lean


Stew Meat: $6.00/lb.

Available in 1 lb. packages


Soup bones: $3.00/lb. 

Variable sizes 



Free range, Non-GMO eggs

Hens are fed Non-GMO grains and allowed daily access to the outdoors.  


Please drive up to the farm stand for self-serve eggs on the porch.  During open hours and summer months, there are extra eggs available in the farm stand refrigerator.



Gift Items

Old-fashioned Lard Soap

We handcraft our all-natural soaps using our pasture-raised lard and essential oils.  No artificial scents or ingredients are used.  Just lard, lye and water.


Handmade Greeting Cards

Find a unique, handcrafted greeting card for every occasion.


Homemade Jam

Made from Gormley Farms fruit.  We offer blueberry, raspberry, blackberry, plumcot and apple butter.  


Local Maple syrup

12 oz. bottles of maple syrup from Fransylvania Maple Co. in Sanborn, NY.


Raw Honey

We have local raw honey from local apiaries.


Organically Grown Blueberries

Blueberries in July